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GuitarTab Maestro is a perfect tool for any guitar player or band
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8 July 2013

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This is a music notation software.

GuitarTab Maestro is a music notation software for professional as well as amateur guitarists and music educators. This notation tool would be additionally useful to band players too. This can help create and organize sheet music for the band. This tool will let you compose music by laying out the tabs and notes. You will be able to create music arrangements. Practicing too can be helped by this tool. GuitarTab Maestro brings a sophisticated tab editing and music notation software right to your fingertips. This is full of features for sharing your tabs and notes. It lets you use training tools for practicing a song. Teaching tools available help newbies learn how to play the guitar. It is easy to use. Automatic sync help create tabs and notes quickly. It will let you insert guitar frames into your compositions, edit and print tabs along with high quality notes.

When the composition is complete, you could get the sheets printed. The sheet music designed could easily be shared through email and or the social circle. A free plug-in could be used, Maestro Online, to post live tabs and notes directly onto a Web page of your own. To make sure you are composing properly, facilities like a Piano Roll editor, Velocity Editor, Tempo Editor, and MIDI Events Editor, and the ability to embed audio track are included in the tool. It is possible to import notes and tabs from gp4, MusicXML, MIDI and KAR formats. You could then edit these easily. The music is saved in a proprietary SFD format. The notation sheets are saved in image formats; PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF, WMF, EMF, etc. the music can be saved in MP3, WAV, MIDI, KAR, and MusicXML audio formats. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

Compose, transcribe and edit music the way you want it! GuitarTab Maestro offers everything a guitar player could ever dream about. Whether you play, teach or learn how to play guitar, GuitarTab Maestro will deliver the full power of a highly sophisticated tab editing and music notation software.
Used by musicians all over the world, GuitarTab Maestro allows you to quickly and easily lay out the scores, write down notes and tabs and produce high-quality sheet music that's easily playable and printable. A range of user-friendly features make this guitar tab software the fastest way to sync tabs and scores and create arrangements.
GuitarTab Maestro is a perfect companion for continuous learning, allowing you to improve your performance when it comes to memorizing and mastering new compositions. It's great as a learning tool and perfect for teaching as you can use its many features to learn guitar playing.
Bring your work before the masses by using built-in sharing features to publish music on social networks, blogs and Web sites.
GuitarTab Maestro includes a Piano Roll Editor, Tempo Editor, Velocity Editor, MIDI Events Editor and the possibility to embed audio track functions. The tool also supports guitar frames. You can print out your entire tablatures or just a certain part of them. You can produce playable audio by exporting the scores as high-quality MP3, WAV, KAR or MIDI files. You can easily import data from GP4 files, and edit the imported music using the many features that unique to GuitarTab Maestro.
GuitarTab Maestro
GuitarTab Maestro
Version 7.845
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